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HR stands for hangups and red tape...JUST KIDDING!

The dynamic between HR and our recruitment team can be sensitive for recruiters. Sometimes HR feels like our involvement is a reflection of them not doing their job.

But we beg to differ!

Asking for help to find the right, long-term placement for a highly valuable, highly specified/technical, and often overworked department is a sign of strength. HR is under so much pressure because they too are understaffed and remote work spreads its scope across the state, country, and planet. We sometimes are hired to support HR because they have too much work on their plates, and candidates are lost in a bottleneck of applications.

We are here to help. But we do things differently because, at PGAA Tax, it isn't just about the placement. We want our involvement to be part of a long-term relationship with our clients, building a comprehensive and cohesive tax department. We applaud our clients for looking at the runway for their new hires and ensuring they are part of their succession plans. Also, after 19 years of tax leadership recruitment, we understand that tax is a complex field of work, and our tax expertise takes the pressure off HR to sift through the nuances of tax terminology, skills, certifications, and career tracks. A search with PGAA Tax is a chance for the tax team, our team, and HR to collaborate to go well beyond filling a vacancy but to transform a valuable function in the enterprise. Cheers to that!

One of the best HR teams we worked with saw themselves as employee advocates. When they found out their tax team was under-market for compensation, they opened up the entire department for a compensation audit to make sure the tax team could get up to market because new hires are expensive right now, and significant income disparities do not sit well for long-term staff, and it will affect retention—nicely done!

Ready to level up your tax team in 2023? Get in touch!


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