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Building relationships and providing lasting results.

93 % of our clients are longstanding or referrals

Our team has more than 23 years of combined tax recruitment experience.

2:1 recruiter : search ratio

Two recruiters are dediated to each search. Most recruiters have an average of 16 clients on their desks. 

6 searches max

We only work with a maximum of 6 searches at a given time.  We sift through one of the largest databases of tax professionals in the United States to present selected top notch candidates that match not only the job description, but the company culture, and the department's drive. 

100% retention

100% of our placements receive renewed contracts following their 1st year for eight consecutive years. 

41 days

Our average recruiting cycle is 41 days (industry average is 67 days according to NAPS).

97% placement success

This is unequaled expertise. Our finely tuned understanding of tax professionals distinguishes excellence from sufficiency in the ultimate contribution of a tax specialist. We recognize the difference between "hunters" of tax credits versus procedural and compliance oriented mindsets.

96% achieve long term employment

We measure placement success by our long term employment history. When 96% of our placements are still going strong with our clients 4 years later, we know we've delivered. 

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