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Asking for a Promotion: A Guide for Corporate Tax Professionals

You've been working hard as a corporate tax professional, taking on more responsibilities and delivering great results. You feel you're ready to move up to the next level, but how do you bring up the conversation with your manager? Asking for a promotion requires planning and strategic communication. Here's some advice:

Know Your Value

Before asking for a promotion, be very clear on the value you currently provide and how you've grown in your role. Outline key accomplishments like improving processes, taking on leadership roles in projects, and quantifying your impact on cost/revenue. Showcasing how your contributions align with business goals will bolster your case.

Do Your Research

Promotion criteria differ across companies, so research what it takes to move up in your specific organization. Factors like years of experience, revenue targets, certification levels, and management capabilities usually determine eligibility for advancement. Identify any gaps you need to fill before petitioning for a promotion.

Choose the Right Time

Timing is crucial when asking for a promotion. Avoid end-of-year budget conversations or periods of company restructuring. Instead, request a meeting after delivering strong project results, receiving praise from a senior leader, or wrapping up a development program. Strike while the iron's hot!

Communicate Your Goals

Clarify upfront that you requested the meeting to discuss professional growth opportunities. Share how much you've enjoyed ramping up in your current role, but you feel ready to tackle more complex tasks and run larger projects. Reference how your skills align with responsibilities at the next level and convey your passion to take on greater challenges.

Listen and Find Common Ground

After expressing your aspirations, listen carefully and try to determine any concerns or objections from your manager. Seek common ground by asking what business results they want to achieve and highlighting how promoting you would serve that vision. Be prepared to discuss timeframes, development areas, and performance metrics.

Follow Up

Close the meeting by expressing thanks for their consideration and agree on next steps, even if no immediate promotion was offered. Schedule a follow-up meeting to continue the dialogue. Send a thank you email recapping the discussion and reiterating your enthusiasm to advance your career development.

Asking for a well-deserved promotion is all about presentation, preparation, and patience. Following this approach will help you craft a compelling case and potentially move your careers to new heights!

Get in touch with PGAA Tax if you want to work through any of these pointers, and make sure you are getting market rates!


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