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Burnout: signs & what to do

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

As another wave of covid-19 variants hit our globe and impact our economy, we are reminded to tap into workplace lessons from 2020. Working in an unpredictable time makes us all susceptible to both subtle stressors and acute burnout triggers. Here's some reminders on how to create a healthy work atmosphere because all too often we don't realize the moment we cross into burnout zones. Then small and easy changes are too late to recover quickly and productivity and acumen will have already slipped. Stay healthy out there!

Burnout Busters:

Set time limits when you start and end your day and stick to those.

Use assertive communication with supervisors to set boundaries with workload and expectations.

Create a life vision or career plan that includes work-life balance.

Be your own good parent and prioritize your self-care.

Recover from the disease of being busy.

Delegate and access support. Look at your to-do list and ask yourself, “Am I the best person to do this?"

Start your day right.


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