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Darkness, Winter, and Holidays, OH MY!

Visions in the Night: It is no surprise that the shortest days of the year bring hope for the coming lighter, longer days. Stillness, darkness, even boredom can be the birthplace of innovation, creativity and clarity for one's goals. Have you set aside time to check in with your 2021 goals? Carve out intentional time to do this. It is easy to lose track of your wins and advancements because they are forward momentum springboards and winning keeps you chugging happily along. So slow down this season to celebrate your (and other's) successes. Then use this perspective to create 2022 goals. Model your goals off of your strengths, not off of failures.

Hibernation: Take time to _____. It is the season of sleep, consider it pre-season training for tax season: lean into it when you can. That is all.

Holi-days: Whatever, whomever and however you celebrate, we say keep it simple this year. A lot of you have been playing catch up with family and long distance relatives after pandemic limitations lifted this summer, so pace yourself this season. Alone time, quality time, and moments for R&R will keep you mentally and physically healthy this season.

Gratitude Practice: I love that Thanksgiving is a time to zoom out and take stock of our blessings. It is so easy to get caught up it our own world and what isn't going smoothly in it or who's getting in our way. Here's some tips to help show colleague appreciation. The more we practices gratitude, the less seasonal it will become and our colleagues will enjoy working with us year-round. Cheers to that!


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