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"Great resignation" wave coming for companies

Read the full article by Erica Pandey at axios here:

  • There are now a record 9.3 million open jobs in America, Axios' Felix Salmon reports. And people can still rely on unemployment insurance so they're not desperate to nab the first job offer that comes along, Stevenson says.

  • Surveys show anywhere from 25% to upwards of 40% of workers are thinking about quitting their jobs.

  • PGAA Tax clients are pivoting to a hybrid of working from home, utilizing satellite offices, and in-office time to acquire the best talent and adapt to the new work/life balance that current employees now want.

  • The pandemic required tax leaders to trust their team to communicate clearly, be productive, and adapt to a new work culture. Some tax leaders have even reported an improvement in productivity because stress of commutes, office distractions have all been eliminated. Tax technology implementation moved forward rapidly and now we are seeing more tax leaders searching for fully remote candidates. Talent is everywhere and now it is accessible from everywhere.

  • With boomers nearing retirement, and the younger workforce not interested in commuting to an office environment, recruiting talent is a much bigger ocean of opportunity.


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