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How to research before an interview

The first round of interviews is like a first date; getting a drink or going for a walk is really about finding out the "vibe" of the person and then deciding if you want to explore it further. For a screening call or initial interview, this "vibe" is what HR calls a "cultural fit." They want to know why you want this role with this company. By researching the company's vibe, culture, and values, you'll be ready to share why you align with them right away. It is also essential to show you are prepared for the interview, which shows your values and work ethic immediately. Researching also quells the nervous jitters because you'll feel prepared. Here's our list of questions to research and answer.

  1. What is their mission statement? What is your mission statement?

  2. What are the company's values? What are your values?

  3. What is in the news about them? What is the news about you?

  4. What is happening in their industry/competitors? What is on the horizon for the company that you are excited about?

  5. Go into their annual reports and find out how the company is growing or changing. Think ESG.

  6. What is the company's history? What is yours? Be able to answer, "how did you get here?"

  7. Find an example of their mission statement in action. Press releases and social media posts are great ways to get a grip on this. Also, watching videos of founders/executives can be quickly insightful.

  8. What is different about this tax department versus yours that you are excited about?

  9. Find out what technology, remote work, and professional development look like to this tax team.

  10. Good 'ol google. See the reviews on glassdoor or apps like Blind.

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