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Listen Up: Podcasts We Love for Tax News

We know tax policy, laws, and standards are ever-evolving in the age of digitization. Below are listening options for keeping up-to-date on all matters of tax.

Tax Foundation is now offering an independent guide to the complicated world of tax and economics. From the impacts of tariffs and trade wars to debates over who pays and how much, each episode has experts untangling aspects of the tax code.

Tax Notes also has a podcast that comes out once a week. They cover federal, international, and multijurisdictional topics. Averaging 30 min, they are a great listen for your commute or dog walk.

Bloomberg Tax's podcast, "Talking Tax" is a quick 15-20min insight-sharing session covering tax issues from Capitol Hill to the courts and the IRS.

The SALT Shaker Podcast is for all our SALT tax professionals. Analyzing the latest key decisions, legislative and regulatory changes, and revenue agency guidance, the Eversheds Sutherland SALT team focuses on providing tax professionals with a quick update of the most important developments in US state and local tax. The SALT Shaker Podcast helps tax professionals navigate growing challenges in the evolving tax systems of state and local jurisdictions.

"People in Tax Podcast" features interviews exploring the stories and careers of ABA Tax Section members, government officials, and others who influence, work in, or study tax law and policy. Their goal is to build community and encourage the participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives in the tax law profession.

Big 4 webcasts, radio shows, and podcasts:


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