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Off-board like a legacy champ

Quitting anything can become messy when approached haphazardly. It can also feel like giving up on your team or any in-process project. But once your intentions are clear, the process will be thoughtful, thorough, and leave you with a former company that will honor your legacy.

Don't bargain

If you are met with counter offers, express gratitude in their wish to retain you. Stand with conviction in your decision to resign. While it might be tempting, this is a position you ultimately did not want, otherwise changes would have been offered prior to this moment. You began seeking a change for reasons you need to be clear on. Your career advancement goals would have been addressed in previous reviews. Anything they offer is a back-against-the-wall move and those offers might relieve your desire to make a career move for only a short time. We want your career moves to be a reflection of your fullest potential, valued as such.

Running Away vs. Heading Towards

Focus on your move being a positive choice. Reframe resignations as being a holistic choice for all departments of your life/career. This is where your reputation can become soured. Refrain from leaking grievances. Don't leave with loose ends. Don't dump responsibilities on your team. Don't check out. Get to your finish line with your head high and your tax team understanding your decision.

Tie Up Loose Ends

Transition your responsibilities in a neat package. Your resignation letter should be succinct and comprehensive. Include projects, current statuses and upcoming deadlines they need to be aware of. Whomever steps into your shoes should feel like they are clear on what you were doing and what needs to be done. Don't leave a trail of disorganization.

Make it Quick

We suggest 2-3 week transitions. When you begin job searching, this is also your cue to start organizing what is on your desk. That way your departure will be clear, clean, and not rushed. The longer your off-boarding, the more opportunities for awkwardness.

Zoom Out on your Legacy

Off boarding can become a myopic as you end your time with the company. We suggest zooming out on your journey with the company. Think back to where you began. How did you grow as a tax professional with your company? How did the company improve over the span of your career there? Bring this narrative into your conversations with your colleagues so that they have a full picture of your time there. This gives them language for your legacy, and will leave you with a positive reputation.


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