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Relocating: unpacking the why's

20% of Americans are expected to move this year. The average American will move 11 times. Large, dense cities have lost some of their appeal after a year of social distancing and city culture being largely shut down. Remote work options are at an all time high. Mid-sized cities like Nashville, Denver, and Portland have all become popular cities because of a balance of city culture with space to live and recreate. Like the sound of it? Or are you enjoying the return of city life? What brings us joy and satisfaction in life and work has never been more cognizant than now, thanks to over a year of covid-19 restrictions and shutdowns.

Deciding to relocate is a major milestone. Yet, after a global pandemic forced a lifestyle change upon us all, making the move from San Francisco to Austin doesn’t seem daunting. Compared to months of isolation in a tiny apartment and company zoom meetings, packing up and starting a new chapter sounds liberating. What you leave behind and what you gain need to pencil out for your wallet, lifestyle, and career goals.

Maybe you’ve already written the pain points of your current life/work. Are they deal breakers? How do you see your happiness and success down the road if you continue on your current path? Does it make you feel energized, do you feel confident in your financial growth and planning?

Why make the move? Let’s figure it out. Answer these 10 questions and your desire for a relocation will be written on the wall.

  1. How does my current position provide for me financially and intellectually?

  2. How does my current living situation meet my needs?

  3. In what ways will working with a new company make me feel more challenged, valued?

  4. How will relocating provide more opportunities for connecting with friends, family, and my professional network?

  5. How will changing jobs improve my wealth trajectory over the next 3, 5 and 7 years? Get specific here, we know you love crunching numbers.

  6. How will my(and my family’s) sense of safety and security improve if I relocate?

  7. What does quality of life mean to me? How would relocating bring me(my family) to a better quality of life?

  8. Flexibility and liberties: how would relocating bring more of this to your life and work?

  9. What else are you longing for? How will relocating bring you closer to this?

  10. How is staying put doing me(my family) a disservice?


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