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Resumes: Before & After

Deep breath. Job hunting is exhausting, we know this better than most. If you have been cruising up the ladder in your tax team only to have your head hit the ceiling when you thought there was more room to grow, we are here to help. You probably haven't touched your resume in nearly a decade and that is okay (but if you have a moment to document successes/performance review data, DO IT NOW).

PGAA Tax is here to remodel your resume, because a lot has changed in how you display and communicate who you are and what you bring to the table. A clean resume shows the hiring team that you can write, that you are succinct, and that you won't make a mess out of a quarterly provision. ;)

Here is a good example of a resume that didn't age well, that needed to highlight achievements, reduce redundancy (they held similar positions most of their career) and brush over an education gap. Names and businesses have been changed.


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