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What's New In 2022

Tax Market Hiring Trends:

Our current searches have 2022 momentum and we are thrilled to share these opportunities with our tax professionals network! We are talking with hiring managers on a mission to make the candidate search and interview process swifter because they don't have time to lose candidates from lengthy hiring processes or more competitive offers. But, when we say competitive, we don't just mean bigger base salaries/generous bonus structures. Now more than ever, career moves are decided with mental health, social wellbeing, workplace/schedule flexibility and corporate cultural values in mind.

Here's some other changes we are seeing in the market:

Loosening the grip on required qualifications:

This isn't about lowering standards. This is about opening up tax departments to diverse resumes. When a team is truly diverse (we are talking age, geographic, gender, culture, social values, orientation, race, and ethnicity) innovation, employment satisfaction, and retention all increase. Hiring authorities are looking for transferrable skills, capacities for skill development, and flexibility.

Training & Mentorship Incentives:

With many tax leaders heading into their last 3-5 years of their career, this is a huge opportunity for skill sharing and knowledge transfer to mid-level tax professionals. More of the talent pool is selecting career opportunities that emphasize professional development and personalized mentorship.

While the pandemic sped up what for many felt was already underway, this one of the biggest corporate culture shift opportunities we've seen. Mid-level job seekers want to see workplace culture shifts be here stay beyond the pandemic. Not only do tax professionals want to work, they want to work with a company long-term where the investment is mutual.


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